AA Petroleum Limited is a growing global company of tomorrow and targeting to achieve maximum potential through investing, contacts, advice and support.
From our primary geographical location in Ghana - West Africa,we are able to touch base with our Partners and Co-operators through technology trends in new global markets and find entrepreneurs developing innovative business models internationally.

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Welcome to Design3edge We are an active firm that specializes in investments in all Petroleum Oil across the Globe by means of Import and Export as well as Brokerage services being Mandate for well-known refineries and Mandate for giant Buyers respectively. We team up with entrepreneurs with the experience, energy, vision and desire to build great solid history anchored in perpetuity through objectivity, focus, persistence, honesty, hardwork and passion with utmost integrity.

Chairman’s Message:

We consider your visit to our site a great opportunity to tell you about AA PETROLEUM LTD. As you explore this site you will gain a sense of our values, our business and our wide-ranging capabilities in this borderless world. Indeed the exceptional growth we have experienced is attributable to a well-thought-out strategy of vertical integration, horizontal expansion and diversification all based on extreme hard work, dedication and serious devotion at the expense of pleasure and fun most of the time.

As a result, we've been able to respond to greater opportunities in Europe, America and Asia - markets that we've traditionally served, while also creating synergistic opportunities in newer markets yet under discovery.
I hope your attempts will aim at adding and not deducting hence the course to celebrate success story mutually in the Pride of promoting and bringing succor to lives in all facets across the globe.

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